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Why Professional Roof Washing Is Worth Paying A Professional

Why Professional Roof Washing Is Worth Paying A Professional

Pressure washing has become one of those tasks that's in a bit of a grey area. It seems like a homeowner should be able to do it themselves, yet pros know this isn't necessarily accurate.

To anyone outside the profession, power washing can seem like nothing more than waving a hose around to rinse away dirt from your siding or roof, right? If this were true, there wouldn't be a need for trained and experienced companies to offer exterior cleaning.

Before you run down to the nearest big box, home improvement retail chain to rent or even purchase pressure washing equipment, maybe rethink that plan. Take a moment to review the reasons why power washing is a job that's still best when handled by industry pros.

Your Roof Is The VIP Of Your Home

What's the difference between pressure washing for your roof or tackling a job like concrete cleaning? If all that's required is waving around a power washing wand to spray a little water on the surface and make things clean, it should all be the same. Do you really want to use the same abrasive method for scouring stains off your driveway on your delicate asphalt shingles? The answer is probably and hopefully no.

Roof washing is often mistakenly called pressure washing even though professionals use no, low, or soft washing for roofing. Why is that?

  • Gentler cleaning methods prevent shingle damage
  • Less psi prevents water intrusion
  • Alternative methods that rely on cleaning solutions destroy growth at a molecular level
  • There's less water waste with no or low pressure washing
  • You'll have a clean, beautiful, and protected rooftop

Locating The Right Pressure Washers For Your Home

Of course, by hiring reputable pros, you also eliminate the risk of property damage or personal injury. Plus, you also won't be as satisfied with the outcome of the cleaning work when you DIY it versus letting an expert skillfully execute the task.

Not just any local power washing company will do, though. Locals here know to trust Peak Log Home Restoration for superior service. We offer the highest quality cleaning, exceptional customer service, and all for affordable pricing.

Taking care of your home or cabin is important to us. We know you['re entrusting us with your most valuable asset and your dream home. Call us now and let us show you why our Jasper area pressure washing makes us number one.