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Log Home Surface Stripping and Staining in Jasper, GA

March 6, 2024

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When we encountered this project, there had been several contractors there before us over the years applying various stain products. Although parts of the log home looked like they were in good shape, several sides were very blotchy and dark due to the over application of stain products. We first planned on just cleaning and coating with Sansin ENS, our favorite stain of choice, but after getting a good look at it we decided we needed to go ahead with a full strip to be sure of the surface before staining. We used Strip-it gel stripper and S-100 gel stripper from Permachink Systems, and hot water for most of the stripping process. We then buffed and sanded the house, and applied 2 coats of Sansin ENS in Roasted Almond to the cabin, decks, railings, and garage to tie everything together.

We also had a substantial amount of carpentry repair work that needed to be done, including repairing deck posts that had worked loose, some rotten posts that had stairs wrapping around them, and deck boards that needed to be replaced.

Service: Log Cabin Staining

Location: Jasper, GA

Budget: $35,000

Project Gallery

Products Used

  • Sansin ENS Roasted Almond
  • Strippers: S-100 and Strip-it