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Swedish Cope Log Cabin Staining in Ellijay, GA

March 6, 2024

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This cabin was a large diameter log cabin and detached garage with almost wrap around decks. There were also several very large cedar shake gables that were almost 40 feet at the peak, and a final challenge was that it was a two tone stain job with darker trim, and lighter logs. We love a challenge!

We started off washing it for two days due to restricted water flow. Fortunately, we have a box truck with 550 gallon tanks in it, so we let it fill up and then got to washing. What a difference washing made, as the house hadn't been washed in years!

Once we let it dry out, we did many, many caulking repairs on carpenter bee holes and woodpecker holes all over the house.

Then we applied about 40 gallons of Sansin ENS Autumn Gold to the body of the house and garage. Finishing up, we stained all the cedar shake gables, fascia boards, chimney chase, and trim with Sansin ENS Roasted Almond. Since our client was so sweet and fed the guys ice cream bars every day during a hot August job, we also surface cleaned her concrete driveway to wrap up the project with everything looking great. To cap it all off, we washed all her windows, and squeegeed them clean after razoring them to remove any overspray.

Service: Log Cabin Staining

Location: Ellijay, GA

Budget: $30,000

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Products Used

  • Sansin ENS Autumn Gold and Roasted Almond